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Advanced, Professional

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none / Load Cases, Publisher, Inclining test

Make working with loading conditions much easier

This extension makes working with loading conditions much easier. Automatically generate tank arrangement. Tanks can be defined as limited by the hull so they change automatically with the hull shape, or be completely independent from the hull. Boundaries of tanks are not necessarily defined by construction bulkheads or frames, so you can design tanks in total freedom. Build complex tanks with multiple compartments. See calculated volume, VCG, TCG, LCG and FSM on the fly Specify (intact) permeability to account for in-tank construction elements Specify specific weight for individual tanks and for weight groups. Organize tanks in weight groups for consistent use throughout the program Automatically place sounding pipes or add tank sensors.


This DELFTship extension has the following features.

Generate tank arrangement

Fully automatic generation of tank arrangement layouts. Create different tank arrangements for tank calculations, intact stability and damage stability views.


Model sea-chests, moonpools and thruster tunnels as a non-buoyant tank, making it much easier to move them around and calculate the effects on stability details. A non buoyant tank is connected to the surrounding water: submerged volumes and areas are subtracted automatically in all hydrostatic calculations, including the calculation of sectional area curve, water plane area, stability etc.

Drag-and-drop design

Create or modify your tank by entering coordinates, or by dragging points or planes. Model tanks based on Layers (hull modeler), independent planes or pre-defined ‘Skeleton’ planes (decks, bulkheads, 3D planes) and frame numbers.


Build complex (or simple) tank shapes from multiple compartments. Use negative-volume compartments to subtract a volume from your tank.


Report on available tanks, weight groups, volume used, tank soundings and tank arrangements. The volume used is a helpful tool to find unused spaces in your model.

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