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Advanced, Professional

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Critical Points, Tanks

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Very easy and efficient to operate

Damage cases are generated fully automatically in seconds using a very detailed subdivision of the actual hull. Damage zone boundaries can be specified or automatically extracted from the tank geometry. This approach allows for complex hull shapes to be successfully calculated. Because of the multi threading approach large numbers of damage cases can be calculated in a short amount of time.


This DELFTship extension has the following features.

Maximise attained index

By including all steps and recesses, it uses very detailed internal subdivisions of the vessel which maximises the attained index.

Automatically generate cases

Fully automatic generation of damages is possible, based on the zonal approach. Zones can be specified or automatically extracted from the geometry of tanks and spaces. Transverse and vertical subdivision within zones are automatically determined. Damages are generated for both sides of the ship simultaneously in a matter of seconds, each side having its own subdivision layout based upon the internal geometry of the ship.


Output of results in a summarized or an extended report. The extended per-damage-case report shows a graphical presentation of the damage case and the calculated results for each of the draughts. This includes the results for intermediate stages of flooding, cross flooding, lesser vertical extent damages, Class-A bulkhead boundaries and escape routes.

View and analyse

Graphical representation of each damage case shows the damaged compartments, distribution of zones, damage extents etcetera. Effects of cross flooding devices is included.

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