DELFTship Free version

DELFTship Free 3D hullform modeling program



Extensions can not be used with DELFTship Free.

DELFTship Professional

DELFTship Professional, todays most visual hullform modeler



DELFTship extensions need to be purchased separately.

DELFTship Extensions

Extensions for DELFTship pro, built to excell

Available on request  



Delftload loading computer

Advanced on board stability calculation

Available on request  


All our software is made available as downloadable files. Once your order has been processed you will get access to a tailored download area where you can get the latest versions of the installation file and manuals, check the status of your license and find your product serial numbers. Our licenses are permanent: no subscription plan is required. A free on year maintenance period is included with every purchased license: All updates and upgrades published in its validity period will be available to you, even after this period has ended.

Need help?

If you still have question please feel free to check our Forum, where an active group of friendly DELFTship users of all experience levels exchange information. For software related questions, or other questions you would rather ask us directly, please do not hesitate to reach out!


Your Delftship license explained

Some frequently asked questions about our licensing.

No, your DELFTship Professional license is a perpetual license and you don't need a subscription to our maintenance plan. Maintenance subscriptions are only applicable to our extensions and the floating license manager.

No, extensions can not be added to our Free hull modeller, you will need our Professional version for that.

Yes, you are allowed to install your DELFTship Professional hull modeler (without extensions) on two computers. A version with extensions you can only be installed on a single computer.

Yes, you can move your installation to another computer- simply de-activate your current installation to free up your activation. To de-activate, go to the "Settings" tab in the main menu and click the "Register button". In the actiation window that opens click the "Deactivate" button.