Long fascination for ship design

With a long history of fascination for ship design we began writing code to assist ourselves in the process of designing and fairing hulls. In the early stages it was an exercise in designing ships, focusing on the modeling of the hull from an engineers perspective. Not bound by historical or traditional limitations of method or workflow, we set out to maximise the added value of computer aided design. This led to the realization that once a proper hull was created, obtaining hydrostatic data from it was relatively straightforward, since the entire hydrostatic model is known. Our first product released was FreeShip later became DELFTship Free. It was an instant hit.

Stability suite

Because we continuously develop DELFTship along the principles of user oriented, real world problem solving and good looking software, it evolved into a complete stability suite. A branch of this development led to our loading computer program: DELFTLoad. DELFTship and DELFTload became known as a cutting edge, user oriented applications, built and supported by people who themselves are active users of the software.This is where we are today- DELFTship has become the go-to solution for stability calculations of some of the larger shipyards and shipping companies. It is run by one of the Netherlands foremost experts on ship stability issues, and support is done by technical staff who work with DELFTship every day.