Bending moment and shear forces

The bending moment extension is an add-on to the load cases extension.


Add mast-cranes and crane loads to your loading conditions.

Critical points

Mark points of interest for consideration during or after calculation. This tool is required by a…

Cross curves

Cross curves of stability provides a means of presenting stability for a wide range of…

Deterministic Damage Stability

Conventional deterministic damage stability calculations, including automatic damage case…

Dredger (Intact stability)

Calculate the intact stability of dredgers including the effect of spilling liquid cargo and…

Dredger (Probabilistic)

Calculates probabilistic damage stability of dredgers according to DR67/68.

Floodable length

Calculate the floodable length curve of the vessel.

Inclined hydrostatics

Generate 3D visualization of the hull under calculated trim and heel.

Inclining test

Calculate the light ship weight and center of gravity from the data acquired during an inclining…

Load cases / Intact Stability

The Load cases extension, also known as intact stability, applies load cases to your model. Its…

Marpol Oil Outflow MEPC.141(54)

Calculate the accidental oil outflow performance ("Oil Spill Index”) of a vessel. 

Max. allowable VCG’ calculations

Calculate the maximum permissible vertical center of gravity for each stability criterion, for…

Probabilistic damage stability

Calculates damage stability adhering to SOLAS 2009 for cargo, passenger, special purpose and…


Automate the process of stability booklet creation.

Resistance Prediction

Hull resistance according to Savitsky and Hollenbach.

Ship Launching

Predict the behaviour of a vessel during, and immediately after, its (longitudinal) launch.

Tank modeling

Add tanks to you model. Use frames, coordinates, the hull or other layers as boundaries- or model…