Seagoing vessels

Many seagoing vessels need a professional loading computer. Some simply want one because of its added security. Most types of vessels can be accommodated with DELFTload: From survey and drilling vessels to container ships, from luxury yachts to floating hotels and wind turbine service vessels.

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Inland shipping

New European regulations require a loading computer on inland vessels. DELFTload will allow you to quickly assess risks when loading / unloading and in the unfortunate case of incidents.

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DELFTload Features

DELFTload Basic is the fully functional but bare version of DELFTload. It has most of what will be required, and can be extended with additional functionality.

BASIC Features are: All relevant data is calculated from the 3D computer model, Ballast level suggestions to eliminate list, Closed and open top conditions from a single model - easily switch between conditions and Automatically move the hatches or grain bulkheads to pre-determined locations

DELFTload Extensions

See the list below for all available DELFTload Basic extensions.

DELFTload basic

Delftload, in its basic form, manages loading conditions, tank fillings, and positioning of…

Tank sounding

Connect to the ships' tank sounding system so the contents of tanks fitted with a tank sensor can…

Longitudinal Strength

The longitudinal strength module calculates the still water shear force and bending moment for any…

General Cargo

The general cargo module allows for the positioning of multiple 3D cargo objects in the holds, on…

Container Loading

Containers can be loaded on the ship graphically or by manually assigning bay numbers to each…

Dredger stability

Calculate dredger stability including the effects of displacement variation due to spilling of…

Grain stability

Calculation of grain heeling moments, validation of loading conditions against grain stability…

Crane extension

The crane module is used to assess the stability of the ship while lifting loads suspended from…

Damage Stability

Validate loading conditions against damage stability requirements by means of direct (type-3)…

Damage Control

Test loading conditions against damage stability requirements by means of direct (type-3)…

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