Wave Crest

One of the features of the Professional version is its ability to calculate hydrostatic properties on a wave crest.


Use scripting to automate tasks

The Pascal based scripting environment can be used to automate various tasks such as free form hull deformation, batch calculations, automated tank geometry building and more.


Plate Development

Whether you design for full scale or model building- this feature allows you to not only analyse plate developments, but also to export the unfolded plates to AutoCAD (dxf), or to a plotter for further processing or immediate cutting.

DELFTship Free vs Professional

The professional version of DELFTship is the basis for extensions. Without extensions there are a few differences between our Professional and Free versions.

Hull modeling features Free Pro
Additional hull model templates in addition to the default yacht model
Use background images to recreate existing designs from scanned drawings
Create a formatted lines plan drawing
Automatic hull form transformation using Lackenby
View plate developments of developable surfaces
Export plate developments to printer, text file or Autocad DXF
Automatic transformation of midship coefficient
Automatic fairing of control curves
Automatic fairing of surfaces or control points
Modeling of asymmetric hull shapes
Support Scripting to automate tasks
Hydrostatic calculations Free Pro
Elaborate hydrostatics report for the design condition including sectional area graph
Hydrostatic tables for even keel condition
Hydrostatic tables for additional trim conditions
Calculation of Bonjean curves
Calculation of hydrostatics on a wave crest
Reports Free Pro
Output of calculations and graphics to native report viewer
Save report as PDF document
Export reports to HTML files
Customizable report layout
Open reports directly in Word or Excel
File import Free Pro
IGES files entity 128 (non rational and untrimmed surfaces only)
STL files (Ascii or binary)
File export Free Pro
Export stations, waterlines, buttocks and diagonals to Autocad DXF
Export surfaces to STL
IGES curves (IGES entity 126)
IGES surfaces (IGES entity 128)
Seaway/Octopus stations

Stability Extensions

Expand the stability analysis capacity of DELFTship Professional with some leading edge, industry strength extensions.

Inclined hydrostatics

Generate 3D visualization of the hull under calculated trim and heel.

Tank modeling

Add tanks to you model. Use frames, coordinates, the hull or other layers as boundaries- or model…

Load cases / Intact Stability

The Load cases extension, also known as intact stability, applies load cases to your model. Its…

Critical points

Mark points of interest for consideration during or after calculation. This tool is required by a…

Probabilistic damage stability

Calculates damage stability adhering to SOLAS 2009 for cargo, passenger, special purpose and…


Automate the process of stability booklet creation.

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