DELFTship Script

DELFTship is now Scriptable! Automate tasks to optimise your model.

DELFTship Version 13

This major update sees a new graphical user interface including dark theme and support for high…

Load cases

Create and apply loading condition templates

Background images

Background images received an overhaul: More edit features are added, and a gallery has been added…

Tanks: New features

The tanks extension has been upgraded with a new feature to find intersecting tanks, and tanks…

Inclined hydrostatics

Added righting lever (GZ) to the list with hydrostatic properties. Made auto balancing available to…

Crane extension

The crane modeling extension has been extended to handle knuckle boom cranes

Hull modeler

Quickly restore to the previous zoom level with the zoom previous button that is added to the view…

Tank extension

Tank arrangement views now include dash lines in compartments designated for cargo or liquids.…

Critical points

The damaged waterline report now contains the pressure height with respect to the damage water line…

File export

In DXF export files, text is added below the sections of tank arrangements to indicate the position…

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