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Deterministic damage stability

Lightship weight and COG are calculated from the lightship weight group

Lightship weight and COG are calculated from the lightship weight group. Multiple weight groups are possible, allowing for different lightship configurations. FSM is calculated for liquid tanks and can be set to always use max FSM if required. FSM can be manually entered for point loads. The calculated stability curve is checked against selected criteria (sets) and displayed in a customizable report that can also be exported for use in any word processor or spreadsheet.


This DELFTship extension has the following features.

Library of criteria

Each condition can be validated to a selected set of criteria. A pre programmed library of stability criteria is added for quick and easy selection. Additional criteria can be created if necessary.

3D result

The vessel is shown with the calculated draught, list and trim, with a highlighted waterline. Tank fillings are visible, compensated for list and trim.

Customisable reporting

A full report on the condition will be available, which can be exported to PDF, Word and HTML.

Wind silhoutte

A base wind silhoutte can be generated straight from the design. Items can be added by tracing outlines from a scaled background image. Multiple wind silhouttes can be made and stored, to be used and re-used for different conditions: Deck load, special cargo, containers.

Weight lists

Weight lists can be created for often returning loads such as stores, crew and effects, cargo.

Pricing information

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