Please note that DELFTship Professional, and each version of DELFTship Professional with a new extension set, is completely different software.

This means you cannot ‘activate’ your copy of Delftship Free version. You will have to start by installing the new software, for which you should have received a download link.

After installing the professional version of DELFTship you will need to activate your license to enable printing and saving ( A pop-up will warn you if your software is unregistered). When you click ‘OK’ in the warning message the activation window will open, but you can also open the activation window by clicking the ‘Register’ button on the ‘Settings’ tab on the top of the screen).


You should have received an email from DELFTship with your product and serial number codes; please keep this at hand. Your licensing details can also be found in your DELFTship download area (, click the ‘License details button). If you can’t find your registration details, please contact DELFTship to request new ones

Enter your Product code and Serial number in the designated fields. An easy way to do this is to copy the email from DELFTship (or at least the part containing the product code and the serial number- select the text and press CTRL+C or right-click on the selected text and choose Copy. Just make sure the product code and serial number are part of the selected text). Then return to the registration dialog and click the ‘paste from clipboard’ button.

After the product code and serial number have been entered, your license can be activated. This can be done in either of the following ways:

  1. Online. This is by far the easiest way when you have a working internet connection; activation should be near instantaneous. (If you are behind a firewall, port 8081 needs to be open)
  2. By email. You also can send your activation request by email. Clicking the ‘By email ‘ button will open an email message including the necessary information identifying your computer (a digital signature- no personal information is collected or sent at any time). There is no need to add any other text to this message. After sending this email, it will be processed by the DELFTship staff during regular office hours (CET or CEST).An activated license will be sent back to you. Save this file anywhere on your computer and activate the software using the ‘Import license’ button- just follow the instructions on your screen. (Open the activation window by clicking the ‘Import License’ button on the ‘Settings’ tab on the top of the screen)You can create the activation request file manually, so it can be copied to another machine for emailing, if your workstation has no internet access. This functionality is available via the “Save to File” button on the registration screen (Click the “Register” button on the Settings tab).
  3. Save to file. If you can not send emails from the computer you are installing on, save the license request to a file, and send it from another computer. Follow the “By email” instructions once you received the license file


Importing a license file

If you want to import an activated license file (which can be requested from us) please save this file anywhere on your computer. Then open the registration window – click the ‘Register’ button on the Settings tab. To activate the software click the ‘Import license’ button- just follow the instructions on your screen. DELFTship will need to re-start after the license has been imported.

Your license can only be used on a limited number of computers

The license file contains a digital signature created especially for your computer, so the software only runs on the computer on which it was activated. If you have made modifications to your computer’s hardware you may need to request a new license file. If you run DELFTship Pro without any extensions, you are allowed to install (and activate) on two separate computers. If you have extensions however, you can activate only once.

Your activation code is tied to your license

If you own multiple licenses, your codes will only work for the installers with the extensions of the license . You can not upgrade an existing installation by simply entering new activation codes- you will need to install the proper version of DELFTship first.

You can deactivate your license

If you want to move your installation to another computer, or if you are planning to change the hardware of your PC, you can deactivate your installation so it can be re-activated on the new machine. This can be done a limited number of times to prevent abuse. Deactivate your license from the activation window: Click the Register button on the Settings tab to open the window that has the ‘deactivate online’ button. You need to be online for this action to succeed.

Sometimes a virus scanner or firewall can block the registration process since brief internet communication is needed. In case you are experiencing trouble with the registration process, please register via email.