March 30, 2016
We are very pleased to announce the first update to our earlier Version 8 release.
The main features of this release, next to minor bug fixes, are the option to move geometry and extrude surfaces and edges with the mouse. We find hese features to be massive time savers.
For those that have missed the Version 8 release, it's main improvements are (among many others):

  • Extrude surfaces and edges with the mouse
  • Move geometry (multiple selected points) with the mouse
  • [Critical points] Show critical points when editing
  • [Cross curves] Max VCG now multi threading, utilizing your multiple cores more effectively
  • [Tank modeling] Compartments can now have permeability assigned
  • [Probabilistic damage] Calculate and report lesser extent damages
  • [Probabilistic damage] Class A fire bulkheads added to the calculation
For a full list if changes, check the changelog in your download portal.