March 30, 2016
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We are very pleased to announce the first update to our earlier Version 8 release.
The main features of this release, next to minor bug fixes, are the option to move geometry and extrude surfaces and edges with the mouse. We find hese features to be massive time savers.
For those that have missed the Version 8 release, it's main improvements are (among many others):

November 1, 2014
Read more ...We're very proud to announce the release of version 7.1 of our DELFTship software suite. This major release features a completely restyled user interface with scenic ribbons, hardware accelerated rendering as well as many other new features and improvements.

Read more ...The shipbuilding and shipping industry is continuously developing and growing which places the highest demands on the development of our software. Due to the increased workload and the desire to optimally serve our clients, we are happy to announce that DELFTship has a new team member.

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On April 2-3 DELFTship succesfully gave a training at FKAB in Uddevalla, Sweden. This 2-day on-site training included presentations about the basics and getting hands-on experience with exercises including the professional extensions.

Read more ...We're proud to announce the release of DELFTship version 5. Now equipped with modern ribbon menus, various visual user interface styles, native PDF reporting and available as 32 and 64 bit version this new release is a significant step forward.

Read more ...Straight after being delivered by Fassmer shipyard in Berne-Motzen, Germany, Greenpeace's third version of its protest vessel the Rainbow Warrior set sail to Amsterdam to attend the Rainbow Warrior festival. At the same time she was also fitted with the latest version of DELFTload.

Read more ...This picture shows the latest additions to the fleet of ships carrying DELFTload. The picture was taken in Urk where both vessels were completed. In front you can see the Schokland while in the background the Pacific Dawn is still visible, a sister ship of the Deo Volente and the Eendracht.