DELFTship professional
DELFTship™Professional is a professional hullform modeler using the same modeling kernel as the DELFTship™Free. Extended with extra features such as automated fairing algorithms and additional import/export formats it makes a very powerful modeling tool.
To even further extend the functionality we've developed a whole range of professional extensions that make up a complete ship design package indispensable to any modern design office.

NOTE: These extensions are to be purchased separately from the hull modeler.

  DELFTship free DELFTship professional
Hull modeling features
Additional hull model templates in addition to the default yacht model  
Use background images to recreate existing designs from scanned drawings
Create a formatted lines plan drawing
Automatic hull form transformation using Lackenby
View plate developments of developable surfaces
Export plate developments to printer, text file or Autocad DXF  
Automatic transformation of midship coefficient  
Automatic fairing of control curves  
Automatic fairing of surfaces or control points  
Modeling of asymmetric hull shapes  
Hydrostatic calculations
Elaborate hydrostatics report for the design condition including sectional area graph
Hydrostatic tables for even keel condition
Hydrostatic tables for additional trim conditions  
Calculation of Bonjean curves  
Calculation of hydrostatics on a wave crest  
Output of calculations and graphics to native report viewer
Save report as PDF document
Export reports to HTML files
Customizable report layout  
Open reports directly in Word or Excel
File import
IGES files entity 128 (non rational and untrimmed surfaces only)  
File export
Export stations, waterlines, buttocks and diagonals to Autocad DXF
Export surfaces to STL
IGES curves (IGES entity 126)  
IGES surfaces (IGES entity 128)  
Seaway/Octopus stations